Yellow sounds and other harmonies

With the following artist:
Gabriele Herzog.

text by Linda Morando di Custoza,

The new art will really begin when we understand that colour has an existence of its own, that its Infinite combinations have a poetry and a poetic language far more expressive than anything else that has ever existed. - Sonia Delaunay

Within the pictorial revolution of contemporary art, Gabriele Herzog's considerations on colour are identified in an intimate dualism: colour as sensation (mysticism) and colour as substance (production), with reference to Goethe's physiological theories and Kandinskijs spiritual ones.

Gabriele Herzog's works are the result of a combination of vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines and shapes of various sizes, which create a pictorial narrative based on ever-changing colour variations. The artist works directly onto the raw canvas, finding in colour a principle of perceptive absoluteness: an expression of her individual emotions and of plastic language.

In Herzog's works, with reference to the revolution in pictorial abstractionism, starting with Kandinskij, the form of colours and musical sounds intertwine, witnessing the birth of a correspondence between sound and colour, the alphabet of sounds, and the harmony of colours. Within this panchromy, where pan (all) takes the place of polys (many), the artist has focused more attention on the power of the colour yellow, where the bright and luminous pigments acquire centrality.

The exhibition includes a significant number of works on canvas In which the artist experiments with not only the poetry of the colour vellow, but also with the expressive qualities of orange, pink, blue, grey, white and black to create unique and harmonious chromatic compositions. The colours - transformed by the artist - assert themselves in all their fullness, vibrating alongside the simplicity that distinguishes Gabriele Herzog's painting technique.

From the words of the art critic Alberto Boatto, this exhibition becomes a coherent narration of the perceptive and elusive sensation of colours, a complete and accomplished element in itself, In its nakedness, and - at the same time - intensely light.

Yellow sounds and other harmonies
Yellow sounds and other harmonies