With the following artist:
Gabrielle Graessle.

text by Márcia R. Teixeira,

The German word, himmelblau, refers to the color of the sky, specifically the color of the sky in a sunny day. Himmel is the word for sky, and blau the word for blue, himmelblau translates literally to blue sky. However, in a figurative way, himmelblau can also be interpreted by a felling of clarity, purity and serenity. Evoking feelings of calmness, expansion and optimism in those who still look to the vast blue sky.

Without restrictions and inspired by everything that sorrows her, Gabrielle Graessle presents an intuitive and figurative work where one of the principal characteristics is the color. She develops the ideas from her drawings into painting, expanding is scale and painting them usually with acrylics, spray and glitter. The work of Graessle push the spectator to feelings of tranquility, a serene mind state that you can barely access after the loss of innocence.

We get consumed everyday now, with the excess of information, the general chaos and uncertainty that the world is going through. The place that is save today cannot be save tomorrow. The politics are changing, the clime is changing and the insecurity is permanent. Since we realize what surround us, the moments of calmness are rare but really expected. What Gabrielle Graessle’s work proposes is a return to that pure and artifice-free intuition found in the innocence that resided in us before being what we have become. Like a refuge from this chaos, offering viewers a return to simplicity and comfort through intuitive paintings that celebrate innocence and serenity.

Gabrielle’s work propose to us a return to a time where everything was simpler, quieter and comfortable, a time before all the noise, inviting the viewer to explore the depths of tranquility amidst the chaos of the world. Through playful, bright painting, witch invite us to remember with care what the innocence feels like. A girl jumping rope, a bird singing, butterflies flying around, laying in the grass and wonder the sky. Have you looked to the sky today? Well the world can be on flames, but the sky is not, yet.