Everyday Disquiet

With the following artist:
Stephen Burke and Wasted Rita.

text by Márcia R. Teixeira,

In the rush of the city in those brief hushed moments of our daily lives, lies an unspoken tension, a subtle disquiet that can’t be explained in an easier way. It’s a peculiar feeling that creeps in when the familiar suddenly feels unfamiliar or vice-versa, when the mundane takes an eerie resonance. This unsettling paradox, this uncanny that we live, is the essence of “Everyday Disquiet”.

The human experience as an intricate interaction of contrasting elements is a delicate dance between what we know and what we don’t know. Have you ever paused before something and pondered questions like why, what if, or even wtf? There are a few things in the world we habit that unsettle us, disconcert and make us question ourselves and what surround us.

Through the work of Stephen Burke we explore a new point of view of the tangible expressions found in public spaces. His work is an exploration of the diverse forms of artistic expression in urban settings, particularly the tension between authorized and non-authorized mark making. Stephen often captures marks, such as tags or even the dusty imprints of footballs left by those who occupy public spaces. These seemingly mundane marks serve as a testament to the unspoken expressions of the city’s residents. It make us understand a little beat more of what surround us and redefines our way of view on those little details you probably missed out in your last walk home.

In another hand, Wasted Rita, delves us into the sentiments of hopelessness and the bleakness of urban existence, intermingling these themes with the ever-evolving landscape of internet culture. Their series is a reflection on the delicate balance between idealism and realism, and how personal utopias intersect with the harsh realities of offline existence. Her work often juxtaposes contradictory elements, creating a sense of discomfort. It involves the coexistence of what is familiar and what is strange, like a conflict of emotions and thoughts residing in our human minds.

In this ever-evolving urban symphony of chaos, we find our existence resonating with the subtle disquiet that adorns our everyday lives. It is in these moments of discomfort that we glimpse the intricate tapestry of being alive, where personal utopias brush against the harsh of realism. Through their work, these artists, create a conversation on the modern human experience, where hope, despair, and artistic expression intermingle in the backdrop of everyday disquiet.